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coming home the atos trio opens its own concert series "akkordarbeit" at neukölln´s heimathafen

We tremendously enjoy the freedom to form own ideas and concepts and to make our own decisions, as a piano trio a freedom that is inate to the concept of chamber music.

We must be doing something right: from the beginning, The ATOS Trio has been awarded prizes and won honors in many a competition, as well as becoming a favorite of audiences and critics wherever we have played, be that New York City, London or Hamburg. We are one of the very few German piano trios who perform internationally on a regular basis.

the idea

A little while ago we developed the strong wish to form our concert series in our hometown Berlin, a sort of musical home-coming. This concert series would be our platform to develop various programming ideas, to try out differing formats and to have artistic freedom to follow our own visions. While being hosted so generously throughout the world, we would like to become hosts ourselves, step by step. We want to work together with composers, authors, actors, employ light installations, and try out new program formats and ideas. And, of course, we want to perform the music we love most.

the concerts

Two different concert formats will be featured during the first season:

In the EVENING CONCERTS we simply offer finely tuned, themed recital programs and to welcome our Berlin audiences at our new homestead. While the main focus is always the piano trio repertoire, we also occasionally explore piano quartet, quintet, sextet, and septet, and work with singers, authors, dancers...

In the NOON CONCERTS, the trio will perform for students from schools and kindergartens, their families and friends. We want to introduce the youngsters to classical music in a real concert setting and a beautiful hall, but without the distance often felt at such events. Interactivity is a keyword, the trio and the students explore instruments, ideas and music together. For these events, the ATOS Trio is joined by wonderful radio professional, Jörg Lengersdorf, whose vitality and immediate personal impression on kids is key in providing a fun and lasting learning experience.

The ATOS Trio is convinced of the great importance that music has for the development of every child, for its successful integration into society, for developing concentration and communication skills.

the location

The Heimathafen (Homestead) is the ideal location for our project.

It provides a beautiful surrounding for our musical coming home of sorts, and with its central location in one of Berlin´s most active neighborhoods, Neukölln, it also presents itself as a vital and lively place where the arts meet.

Interestingly enough this will be the first time there is classical music at the Heimathafen - a gap that longed for closing, and a spectacular chance for us to reach a new audience! At the same time, it will be our pleasure to invite the regular classical audience, and to hopefully help form a new, multifacetted picture of Neukölln within the minds of those who think of this district only as problematic, with little to offer but a high crime rate and migratory problems.

the funding

While the first seasons of "Akkordarbeit" were generously funded by a grant received from the Borletto-Buitoni-Trust, the series now has to be completely self-sustained. This means, that there are no fees for any of the performers. All costs - including rental of the hall, piano tuning, transport, crew, equipment, etc - have to be covered by admission fees only. If you wish to help with this task with ideas or money, please contact anyone in the trio and we will gladly listen to all ideas!